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3 Critical Soft Skills You Need If You Want to Be a Good Leader

As a business owner, knowledge of the market and technology is critical. These hard skills maintain the technical aspects of your business. But learning soft skills is equally as important. Soft skills allow you to connect with employees and clients to build relationships in the industry. Here are 3 soft skills you should obtain if you want to be an effective leader in your industry:

1. Time Management

A cup of coffee, a yellow highlighter, and a notepad are sitting on a desk. The notepad has the words: Do it! Now, and later. Both now and later have boxes next to them, and the now box is checked off.
Prioritizing what tasks are urgent compared to others gives an order to your list of responsibilities.

You’ve probably heard it before, but one of the most important soft skills is time management, but what are ways to better manage time? Time management is all about understanding what tasks are most important. It may feel like everything is the “most” important, but this isn’t true. Prioritizing what tasks are urgent compared to others gives an order to your list of responsibilities, which is the first step to improving your time management abilities. A long list of tasks can be overwhelming, but understanding the order in which tasks need to be completed creates a clear plan.

2. Adaptability

A notepad is lying on a desk with some sticky notes, a blue highlighter, and a keyboard. The notepad has the words 'adapt to changes' on it.
The key to being adaptable is being willing to learn.

Do you ever feel like you and your business are constantly hitting roadblock after roadblock? There is no straightforward success plan in business, so you must learn to adapt to new trends or strategies. The key to being adaptable is being willing to learn. When a plan fails, it's easy to let that discourage you, but you need to be ready to test new strategies and be okay when they don't work out. These failures allow you to learn what does work. At Vega Inspired Solutions, we have worked with business leaders in nearly every industry - so we understand that your industry is constantly in motion, so learn how to move with it!

3. Conflict Resolution

A woman sits in between two men who appear to be arguing. She seems to be mediating the argument.
The first step in resolving conflict is understanding the parties involved.

How do you deal with conflict internally? How do you deal with conflict in your business partnerships? How do you deal with conflict with your customers? The first step in resolving conflict is better understanding the parties involved. You must understand where each party’s pain is, and what each party’s goal is. Once the divide is discovered, there must be a mutual agreement to solve the issue on both sides. The next step is to understand each party’s communication styles - which means that as the leader you must be well-versed in various communication and behavioral styles.

Need Help?

Are you experiencing a conflict with your team? The Predictive Index can assess your employee engagement health by teaching you (the manager) to understand their communication needs and see areas where communication fails. Assess the risks of conflict your group may face with the Predictive Index!

Need help optimizing your talent and business? We are here for you at Vega Inspired Solutions. Contact us today to learn how to manage your business and clientele. We specialize in helping our clients develop a process to hire the best talent by diagnosing their needs and values and designing a system that can always hire the best candidate that aligns with the company.

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