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  • Emily Hawk

How Energy Leadership Can Help Your Business Thrive

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Effective leadership is essential to an organization’s success. Our innate behavioral characteristics impact our leadership style. Our leadership style is also a product of how we react to stress and the energy level we generally default to when things are going as planned… or not! With a healthy leadership style, you can create a vision and inspire people to make it a reality. Specifically, energy leadership can help you get there.

What Is Energy Leadership?

Everyone sees the world through a filter based on experiences, values, and assumptions. This filter can impact how we perceive challenges in the workplace, affecting how we respond. By following an Energy Leadership style, professionals can understand and identify those default tendencies and work to re-invent them by changing their mindset to encourage an energetic, successful, and engaging workplace for all. Leaders will often lead much more effectively and persuasively when focusing their efforts on what really matters.

How Energy Leadership Helps

Some people are natural-born leaders, but unfortunately, only 10% of people account for this category, meaning a lot of work needs to be done to become an effective leader. Every year a company delays leadership development, it costs 7% of their total annual sales, which can continue to spiral if not addressed. Energy leadership offers professionals the ability to gain self-awareness and understand what motivates others to stay engaged and reach their full potential. Also, when professionals follow an energy leadership style, they act most appropriately in every situation they encounter because they are trained to respond in a meaningful way without bias. Developing leaders to respond better is crucial to any company's success and can significantly impact the bottom line.

Develop your energy leadership style with the help of Vega Inspired Solutions. Our Energy Leadership Training will help you better address situational effectiveness while leading through change, transition, strategic planning, and problem-solving. Contact us today to get started.



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