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  • Emily Hawk

How to Effectively Use People Analytics to Your Company's Benefit

Updated: May 3, 2022

The people data of your business can be critical to your success. In fact, people analytics is defined as the collection and application of talent data to improve essential talent and business outcomes, including employee retention, team performance, productivity, and more. When you understand how to apply the data to your company, you will benefit significantly in several ways. Here is how to effectively use people analytics to your business’ advantage.

Hiring Process

Sometimes it can be quite challenging for businesses to acquire the right professionals for a specific job role. With the help of talent optimization software that considers your company’s people data and the needs of the job position, you can hire the right people. Use the people data to match the candidates’ behavioral style and skills to the job’s needs. This will not only make the hiring process feel much easier, but you will feel more relieved knowing that you hired the best person for the job.

Identifying Talent Gaps

There is no need to guess when you understand people analytics. Use the data to identify what’s missing in your company. The data can help compare your team’s behavioral styles and skills and see what’s absent. You can then make a more informed decision about how you would like to approach this talent gap.

Creating Teams

Every team should strive for synergy! People analytics can help form effective teams to accomplish a specific goal based on employees’ behavioral style data. For example, if one employee is better than the other in a particular skill, while in another skill, it is vice-versa, they can be an effective pair.

Increasing Productivity

As mentioned before, synergized teams will be able to better accomplish specific tasks together, especially in a lesser amount of time. When your company’s people are better aligned through the people data, they will spend less time productively completing what needs to be done.

Improving Employee Retention

On average, across all industries, the employee turnover rate was 57.3% in 2021. With costs of employee turnover skyrocketing, it’s no surprise why companies are focusing on increasing employee retention. Luckily, people analytics can help improve your company's employee retention because it sheds light on who is likely to exit an organization in the future and possibly where employees will be unhappy, giving you a chance to turn it around. The key thing to do here is to understand how well employees and their jobs match through the data.

Develop an effective approach to enhance your company’s talent and work ethic with Vega Inspired Solutions. In conjunction with the people data, we provide talent optimization services to ensure you and your team have everything you need to hire suitable candidates, increase employee retention, and create synergized teams. Contact us today to get started.



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