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Motivating Your Employees to Prevent Burnout

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Employee burnout can be detrimental to your business as it lowers employee morale, productivity, and retention. In fact, 40% of workers stated that burnout was their top reason for leaving a job. However, if you can maintain a system that helps motivate your employees to prevent burnout, you can easily minimize work stress, increase productivity, and retain top talent. Here are 3 ways you can influence your workforce to avoid burnout.

Hold Meetings Focused on Well-Being

Communication and discussion centered around employees’ well-being, challenges, and updates can help prevent work-related burnout. Yet, only 21% of workers say they could have open, productive conversations with HR or management about solutions to their burnout. Dedicating time to express ways to overcome any roadblocks or simply offering help can make you seem much more approachable and understanding to your employees, improving engagement and communication. Holding these conversations will allow your employees to be more proactive in preventing burnout, as they would help reveal what they are struggling with and find better ways to combat it.

Encourage Mental Health Days

43% of workers believe that offering mental health days is an excellent way for their workplace to support them. That’s because some days can be hectic and highly stressful at the office, especially around the holidays, depending on your business. Allow your team to take a day off to manage their work-related stress and relax after these intense times. This also can eliminate any added-on stress from employee fear of asking for the day off. When you don’t allow your employees to recoup themselves from stress, you can actually hinder their performance, as stress is often noted as a key cause of employee burnout.

Reduce Unreachable Expectations

Ease the pressure by setting clear and realistic expectations. Often, when a lot of work comes in, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel the tasks are impossible to complete. However, to help employees avoid burnout from unrealistic expectations, regularly check-in with your workers to ensure they’re not struggling with their workload. You can also build a culture where employees know it’s okay to speak to you if they feel overstretched.

Need a little more help motivating your employees to prevent their workplace burnout? At Vega Inspired Solutions, we are here to help you. Our new Burnout program is designed to help business leaders and their team avoid, navigate, and address burnout for healthier and more fulfilling lives. Contact us today to get started.

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