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The Harmful Effects of Employee Burnout on Your Business

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

People are a companies most valuable and expensive asset. Businesses must consider how their workers feel when wanting them to perform to their highest potential. However, in most organizations, employee burnout is common. It can hinder a company’s growth, which is often caused by unclear job expectations, work overload, value disconnect, lack of feedback, or intense pressure.

So what happens when some of your team is burnt out? Here are some of the damaging effects of employee burnout on your workplace.

Inability to do a Job Well

When workers are burnt out, they tend to forget the important goals for themself and the company. When an employee is not focusing on achieving those goals or any goals at all, they lose sight of creating and doing tasks for a purpose. This can result in diminishing work quality. They won’t produce their best work as their headspace is exhausted, overwhelmed, and ultimately tired.


Employees’ mental exhaustion and tiredness from an overwhelming workload or a significant amount of pressure can lower their creativity, contribution, and especially their engagement. When employees are engaged, they become passionate contributors and innovators for the company because they adopt the same values, vision, and passion as the company; however, you can expect they are almost the complete opposite when they are disengaged.

Running Behind Schedule

Disorganization and procrastination can occur when employees feel burnt out, resulting in either the activity or the business running behind schedule. This is often due to a worker’s lack of concentration when experiencing burnout. Not meeting the intended due dates can be detrimental to the business’s success because if they are late, they could either lose sales, lose customers, or lose goodwill.

Job Dissatisfaction

When employees are dissatisfied with their job, most of the time, they aren’t happy. This can be a significant issue for a company’s profit because happy employees are 20% more productive, and employee happiness has been shown to improve sales by 37%. When people are not satisfied with their job, they will want to take frequent absences, which affects the workplace by limiting the amount of work that can get done. Additionally, some workers who are burnt out will want to either leave the job or look for a new career entirely. In fact, 40% of employees cited that burnout was their top reason for leaving a job.

The good news is that employee burnout is preventable and fixable. At Vega Inspired Solutions, we are here to help you. Contact us today so we can help you address and prevent employee burnout in your workplace.



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