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Our trainings are designed to help you and your team excel in today's workforce. Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer and how these trainings can help your business. 


Training in:


People often look to their leaders for reassurance and strength when trouble arises. In times of crisis, leadership can take on many new forms and manifest in unique ways. This training will provide participants with the resources needed to rebuild stability in their business and confidently address critical business decisions.


This training will teach participants how to use objective data to assess the operational realignment challenges, while also maintaining a connected and cohesive team. The aim is to empower leaders to rise above their current challenges to develop a solid foundation for the future for the benefit of themselves, their business, and their team. 

Training in:


Collaboration is a key element of teamwork. During periods of rapid change, it can be difficult for team members to collaborate and communicate effectively. This training will provide a guide on how to adapt and prepare your team for complex and sudden changes.


Through the use of objective methods, this training will provide you and your team with a framework designed to balance team dynamics, stimulate critical thinking, and drive collaboration. 


Training in:


Effective leadership is essential to an organization’s success. Not only is our leadership style impacted by our behavioral characteristics that are innate, but it is also a product of how we react to stress and the energy level we generally default to when things are going as planned as well as when stress levels are high due to unplanned circumstances.


This training will provide participants with resources to gain self-awareness and an understanding of what motivates others to stay engaged and reach their full potential. The training will address situational effectiveness while leading through change, transition, strategic planning and problem-solving.

Training in:


Everyone’s definition of success is different and personal. This is true for individuals as well as companies. This training will provide participants with a guide to align their goals with the goals set out by the company. The training will explore how obstacles we create as a result of our limiting beliefs may prevent us from taking the actions necessary to achieve our goals.


When your employees begin to change their mindset around goal setting and focus on techniques to change their habits specifically related to managing time, increasing productivity, and preventing burnout, the plan of action becomes sustainable, and the likelihood of achieving the company's vision increases.


It's no secret that it is an especially difficult time to be a business leader.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit companies of all sizes and all industries - many of which were not prepared for such a shift in the market. 

But that doesn't mean it is time to throw in the towel.

With a little strategic planning, you can insulate your company and prepare for longevity even in these uncertain times. And it all starts right here with Vega Inspired Solutions. 

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The Proof Is In Our Results

I have been a client of Debbie’s for over a year now, and my agent count doubled in size the last 6 months of 2019. I have no doubt that means our sales will follow in 2020. She has not only been an incredible business coach, but I honestly could call her my life coach too! 

—  Jessica McCreary  —

HTX Living

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