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  • Reece Stewart

The Roles of Leaders Part 1- Teachers

Leaders come in many forms. One of these forms is that of a teacher. Teachers and leaders have rather similar roles separated by one key difference. The goal of a teacher is to impart wisdom and knowledge to empower critical thinking, problem-solving, and independence. The goal of a leader who takes on the mindset of a teacher is to enrich their work environment.

Fortunately, no special training or skill is needed to become an impactful teacher for your employees; instead, your focus should be on what you teach, when you teach, and how to make your lessons stick.

1. What you teach

While there are many things you could focus on, they should fall into one of three categories: professionalism, points of craft, or life lessons. Professionalism is all about offering advice and insights on how to conduct oneself in a business setting. Points of craft are focused on sharing your knowledge and technical experience. Life lessons focus on experiences that exist outside the realm of the work environment and are instead concerned with personal growth. All three are valuable to nurture your employees while they work for you.

2. When you teach

There is no perfect moment to teach. You can create teaching opportunities yourself or establish an open door policy at your workplace. You can stimulate more meaningful interactions with your team members by being open to spur of the moment lessons and creating opportunities for growth. This will build trust in the workplace and create an environment where knowledge and experience are shared freely.

3. How you teach

To ensure the lessons you teach to make an impact, customize your instruction, value your employees' input, and lead by example. In any given situation, your team members will look to you for guidance, whether you know it or not. You set the standard. By showing yourself as a considerate and compassionate leader, you can instill the same in your employees.

Understanding the value of teaching in leadership is vital to developing a growth-minded work environment. Contact us to learn more about how Vega Inspired Solutions can help you become the teacher your team needs.

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