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How to Build An Authentic Company Culture

Having a positive company culture is one of the most essential parts of building a sustainable business. However, it can be challenging to develop. Company culture acts as the foundation of your company and showcases what your company truly values. It should be authentic and work to make the best parts of your company standard practice.

With this in mind, here is a short guide on how to build an authentic company culture.

1. Visualize your ideal culture

You wouldn't build a house without a plan, so why would you try to develop your company culture without one? Visualizing what you want your company culture to be can help you create a blueprint for the changes you want to implement. You'll need to ask yourself some hard questions. What do you want your company to achieve? What does it stand for? Why do your employees do what they do? Honest answers to questions like these will give you a solid foundation for your company culture, and make it easier to implement in the long run.

2. Include Your Employees

You're not the only one who works at your company. Provide your employees with the opportunity to collaborate with you to build a sustainable company culture. Gathering feedback, empowering leadership, and letting your employees express their ideas and opinions openly and honestly will help to ensure your company culture is people-centric. Including your employees will show that you value their input and will the transition process.

3. Hold Leadership Accountable

For most people, no matter how great your company culture is, their immediate boss sets the precedent for behavior. You must ensure that your leadership team is on the same page when it comes to company culture. Emphasize that you and the rest of your management team need to lead by example. Creating a united front will provide your employees with a guideline for decision making. Your employees should never have to question what the right decision is.

4. Focus On What's Going Right

It can be easy to focus on all the things you want to change in your company. But this can be alienating for your employees, and create a toxic environment. Instead, focus on what is going right. Celebrate the things that make your company great, and they will continue to flourish. This shift in mindset can make all the difference and create a more positive and accepting work environment for your employees as you continue to grow together.

5. Hire With Culture In Mind

Even if all the people currently working in your company are amazing, it is essential that you hire people that will continue to develop your company culture. Talent Optimization tools like Predictive Index can provide your hiring managers with the in-depth knowledge of your company culture needed to know what to look for in candidates. New hires should continue to develop and improve your existing company culture.

Are you ready to build a healthy company culture? Contact us today to see how we can take your company to the next le

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